Haliotis supertexta Lischke, 1870
Distribution: Korea, Japan... The species is little known, as it was included as form
in the diversicolor group. But Owen & Browning (2002) clearly stated it is a valid species.

Illustration given in the Novitates Conchologicæ, Supplement 4, Theil 2.
Strongly corded shells exist, and also intergrades.
Sculpture variations in specimens from Jeju Island, South Korea.
46mm: Gimnyeong Beach, Jeju City — 34mm: Yongmeori Coast — 26mm: Jungmun Beach, Seogwipo.
Original pictures © Franck Frydman.
10m deep, on rocks, by traditional women divers, Songsan, eastern coast, Jeju Island. 38-57mm.
Original pictures © Franck Frydman.
These three shells below could belong to supertexta.
Hamanura, Higashimatsuura, Saga, Kyushu, Japan, 43mm.
Japan, 44mm. Little cords appear, joined with sparse bumps.
Japan, 48mm. Tubular holes, spire little visible on ventral side. Otherwise, a highly variable species.

All pics © Olivier Caro