Haliotis semiplicata Menke, 1843
Distribution: Southwestern W. Australia, between Esperance and Perth.
Size to 73mm. Subtidal under stones.

Shell flat. On ventral side, the columella is visible around the spire, like in ovina.
Dorsal surface finely cancellate. 20-25m deep, under slabs, Albany, West Australia. 45-51mm.
Same spot, 49mm. Some specific features appear between the row of holes and the columella:
first, the cancellate sculpture, with spiral threads a bit stronger than the crossing lines;
then, a sharp ledge draws the frontier with the second part, which shows a bundle of spiral ridges
raised upon an opisthocline ribbing that weakens near the columella.
10-14m deep, in reef caves, Garden Island, Freemantle, W. Australia. 45mm.
Spiral bands turn around the shoulder, and fade near the row of holes.
5-20m deep, under rocks, Jurien Bay, north of Perth, W. Australia.
30-41mm. Original pictures © R. Kershaw.

All pics © Olivier Caro