Haliotis scalaris emmae Reeve, 1846
Distribution: southwestern corner of Australia, from Victoria to western S. Australia.
Size to 103mm. Intertidal to 50m deep, on any type of rocky bottom.

70mm drilled specimen from S. Australia.
The subspecies is more arched and convex than scalaris scalaris, without the lamellae and tubular holes
that characterized Leach's shell. The dorsal ridge is weakly raised, and the scales that cover the surface are
not so sharp and pronounced. The coloration usually ranges around the brick-red.
Helicoidal pattern of pale prosocline bands.
5m deep, on rocks, Wyalla, South Australia. 74mm, from coll. Ernest Zurrer (NZ).
Excellent specimen found on beach after storm, Gleesons Landing, Yorke Peninsula, S. Australia. 83mm.
Very close to roei, but with the distinctive dorsal ridge, typical of scalaris group. Uncommon colours.
2-8m deep, Smithton, Circular Head Council, Braddon, Tasmania.
75-80mm. Original pictures © R. Kershaw.

All pics © Olivier Caro