Haliotis rugosa rodriguensis Owen, 2013
Distribution: Rodrigues island.
Size to circa 50mm. Subtidal to a few meters deep, under blocks or coral slabs.

Abalones from Rodrigues island are very different from the others, with a more folded shell, and a lengthened shape. The species is uncommon in the lagoon. 1-2m deep, under dead coral blocks, Saint-François. 39-42-43,5mm.
The population shows some constant characters that are not encountered in other islands. Among them, the two or three strong cords that occur on the dorsum near the row of holes, and the shape. The colour is very variable. Northern coast, Grand Baie, Rodrigues, 1m deep, under dead coral. 34mm.
Same spot. 45mm.

All pics © Olivier Caro