Haliotis rubra conicopora Péron, 1816
Distribution: southwestern half of Australia, from west Victoria to southwest W. Australia.
Size to 234mm. This subspecies is commercially fished (legal size 140mm).

187mm Brownlip Abalone. The species has smaller holes than rubra s.s.
Mainly brown, with a dense covering of radial growth lines. Wooden is the first word that comes to mind.
20-25m deep, in narrow ledges, on the roof, under granite boulders, Mondraine island, Esperance, W.A.
25-30m deep, same spot. 171mm.
The shell is flatter than rubra rubra; the spiral cords are weak, or absent.
A green one, from W.A. 112mm.
5-20m deep, on boulders and ledges, around Esperance, SW. Australia.
155-160mm. Original pictures © R. Kershaw.

All pics © Olivier Caro