Haliotis planata Sowerby II, 1882
Distribution: S. Japan to Fiji, Thailand to N. Australia, Melanesia.
Size to 77mm. Coral reefs.

3-5m deep, on rocks, Racha island, Phuket, Thailand. 30-31mm.
Spiral cords, rounded to squary, crossed by growth lines that sometimes give a scaly appearance.
Inner surface similar to glabra , spirally striated.
Same spot, 30-31mm. The species varies a lot along its range. Average planatas are often a bit rounder.
Usually, no bumps on the dorsum. When they exist, they are irregularly placed.
Australia, Northern Territories, Arnhem Land, Gove, on reef, on main beach. 34mm.
Proscline flammae are not uncommon. Glabra is flatter, ovina is rounder and smoother.
"Irregular radial growth marks [...] nacre bright with blueish sheens, showing spiral furrows" (Geiger).
Swains Reef, west of Hixson, Queensland. 36mm. The blueish sheens seem not to be a constant.
This shell shows characters that are typical of planata: cords and furrows, holes quite large.
But it comes from Great Keppel island, Queensland, a place out of the known range of the species.
Also, some little bumps appear. 32mm. Maybe a varia.
Specimen collected dead on intertidal rocks, Samar, Philippines. 33,5mm.
A specimen from Margaret river, Western Australia. 40mm.

All pics © Olivier Caro