Haliotis ovina volcanius Patamakanthin & Eng, 2002
Distribution: Java.

Above and below: two shells found under rocks, in shallow water, offshore,
Pangandaran, Ciamis Regency, W. Java, Indonesia, 2006.
The columella is not as wide as in varia, and the holes are usually more elevated, tubular.
These holes, and the raised spire, give to the apical area the shape of a little crowned castle.
Notice, on ventral side, the ribbed sculpture that appears near the spire (detail at right).
A constant feature, in adult specimens, is the helicoidal pattern of white bands.
Colour varies from green to brown. 42-47mm. The shoulder, between holes and columella,
is like a wall. Following the columella, there is a row of bumps more or less defined.
The species is sometimes considered as a local variant or subspecies of H. ovina Gmelin, 1791.
At extreme low tide, under rocks. South Java, 1980. 43mm. Other characteristic features:
the elephant skin on dorsum, which appears on ventral side by d the spiral striations of the nacre,
sometimes crossed by radial grooves like in the first pictured specimen.
Colour variations. Two specimens from R. Kershaw's collection.
S. Java. 30-33mm. Original pictures © R. Kershaw.

All pics © Olivier Caro