Haliotis coccoradiata Reeve, 1846
Distribution: eastern Australia, Tasmania.
Size to 60mm. At low tide to a few meters deep.

A specimen from Eden, Twofold Bay, New South Wales. 38mm. From coll. Ernest Zurrer (NZ).
The shell itself is quite variable, as well in sculpture as in coloration & pattern.
A constant feature is the spiral depression between spire and holes, which can be seen on front view.
At low tide under rocks, near Shellharbour, New South Wales. 33mm, november 2005.
Notice the spiral depression, visible on ventral side (arrow).
3-5m deep, on rocks. South Australia, 38mm.
Sculpture of fine spiral cords, with sometimes a scaly skin that covers the whole shell.
Glorious colours. Under rocks, Keppel bay, Queensland, 44mm. The species has a constant shape.
Specimens from New South Wales.
8-9m deep, under rocks, Bermagui, Bega Valley Shire. 50-57,5mm.
Original pictures © R. Kershaw.

All pics © Olivier Caro